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Prizes range from $5 to $50 that can be used for purchases in the Yiggiy Mall, or after you accumulate $100 or more, you can request actual cash. Every Tuesday and Saturday night at 10pm EST for the months of June and July, Yiggiy is hosting its Poker vs Blackjack Showdown. Qualify by playing poker or blackjack and then face off against two players at a time with the goal of knocking out six other players to advance to the Finale. The Finale for June takes place on June 30 at 10pm EST and the July Finale kicks off on July 28 at the same time. Beat 6 players in the Finale and win $500 and a chance for the Grand Prize. “The Grand Prize is 'The Yiggiy Swag Bag’, a $3000 bag of goodies ranging from $1000 in cash to some of the latest tech items on the market,” according to the web site. Winning the Grand Prize requires players to defeat all other grand finalist and a Yiggiy pro. Prizes include Home Depot vouchers, a pre-loaded $1,000 Visa card as well as other gifts such as an outdoor home cinema and BBQ set. Players outside the US can pay additional shipping fees or opt for a cash buyout.

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A Good Strategy to win at Blackjack

It’s obvious that this strategy won’t work 100% of the time, but it will definitely increase your chances of winnings, which is always good. You have to be aware of the dealer’s cards, which will always change the way you play. There is a specific table where you can see what your next move should be depending on the cards the dealer has. When you have a hard hand, you don’t have any aces on your hand or the ones you have are only counted as one point. A soft hand is when you have one ace, and it can count has 1 or 11 points. This is the best strategy you can use while playing blackjack, because you will really have more chances of winning, which is great. You have everything explained and everything properly detailed so that you don’t have any doubts of how to proceed while playing. You can play with confidence, while enjoying the game. Blackjack is an appropriate game for casino beginners, because you don’t have to know many rules and you can play without any difficulty. Using this table can give you great results and a good payout, which is why you should definitely use it.

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President Donald Trump takes questions from the media during a news conference after participating in the NATO Summit in Brussels, Belgium July 12, 2018. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque In May the United States pulled out of a multinational deal to lift sanctions against Iran in return for curbs to its nuclear program. Washington has since told countries they must halt all imports of Iranian oil from Nov. 4 or face U.S. financial measures. This may cut Iran’s hard currency earnings from oil exports, and the prospect has triggered a panicked flight of Iranians’ savings from the rial into dollars, weighing on an already ailing local currency, hit by economic woes and financial difficulties at local banks. Speaking to a news conference at a NATO leaders summit in Brussels, Trump said Iran was treating the U.S. with ‘so much more respect’ following the move and he expected Tehran to reach out for a fresh deal. “I know they’re having a lot of problems and their economy is collapsing. But I will tell you this: at a certain point they’re going to call me they’re going to say ‘Let’s make a deal’.